Kansas City Air Filter is proud to partner with Glasfloss as their largest distributor in the Midwest. Glasfloss Industries is the oldest manufacturer of HVAC filters in the world. Established in 1936, Glasfloss has grown from a small, special-size air filter fabricator in New York City to a full-line manufacturer with plants strategically located throughout the United States. Kansas City Air Filter is the original and oldest air filter distributor in Kansas City, established in 1938. After decades of serving the air filtration industry, Kansas City Air Filter and Glasfloss have built a worldwide reputation for quality products which provide reliable performance and superior value with over 75 years of manufacturing experience and a continuing commitment to research and development.

Kansas City Air Filter has the largest inventory of Glasfloss air filters in the Midwest and has built its reputation on having the filters in stock that our customers need. Kansas City Air Filter can get any special size filter made for our customers with the best lead time in the area.

Kansas City Air Filter also partners with manufacturers of other specialty filters:metal washables, carbon panels, compressor filters, bulk carbon. Some of the manufacturers whose products we carry are: Smith Filter, Carpenter Poly, D Mark Carbon Filters, Endustra, Hydrosil International Carbon and many others. If it is an air filter, we can find it for our customers.

Our skilled staff has collectively over 78 years of experience in the air filter industry. We have experts available to visit your facility to make suggestions and solve problems with air filtration. We also provide a filter changing service and carbon reactivating service.

From Disposable Panel Filters to Pleated Filters to MERV 13 Filters to HEPA filters, Kansas City Air Filter is the Clear Choice for all of your air filtration needs. For more information on Glasfloss Air Filters please visit their web site: www.glasfloss.com

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Announcing a new addition to our pleated air filter line.
The ZL Pleat
Made by Glasfloss, the FIRST filter manufacturer
in America, The ZL Pleat gives MERV 10 efficiency
at a MERV 7 price!

Designed for superior performance and economy,
the ZL Pleat is the best choice when filters are
changed on a routine schedule. Ideal for service
job when price and quality matter.

Zee Media is 100% Synthetic, will not support microbial growth
Largest pleat inventory in the area
Pressure drop is low for increased air flow
Lowest price MERV 10 pleated filter on the market
Energy saver, giving you lower utility costs
ASHRAE tested and UL Classified for your liability protection
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